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Haunting History of Salisbury Walking Tour

History Haunting History of Salisbury Walking Tour 02

Did you know there is a darker side to Salisbury?

Behind the well-known buildings of modern-day Salisbury lurks a fascinating history just waiting to be discovered. Embedded within this rich past are the haunting undertones of a number of unfortunate tragedies which occurred here long ago. The Salisbury Hotel on Commercial Road has always been a popular watering hole, but it was once also the scene of a scandal that ended in the demise of farm worker Scotch James. Around the corner is the Salisbury Museum on Ann Street, formerly the Salisbury Police Station. Here, there have been eerie reports of a woman’s soft whispering thought to belong to Hilda Pethick, the teenage daughter of a trooper, who died there in the late 1800s. This guide was developed by the City of Salisbury in partnership with renowned paranormal investigator Allen Tiller to make it easy for you to uncover these and more ghostly tales that haunt Salisbury’s historical sites.

Embark on an easy walking tour at your own pace, covering about 2km, featuring 11 stops and taking approximately 1.5 hours, finishing at the Hephzibah Cemetery on Church Street. Immerse yourself in the spooky experience, download the Discover Salisbury App and view The Haunting History of Salisbury Tour.

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