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Burton Pioneer Cemetery

History Burton Pioneer Cemetery 01

Established in 1857 by the Burton Primitive Methodist Church

The Methodist Church at this location was built in 1858 and was also used as a schoolroom. A larger replacement church was built on Burton Road in 1915. The original church at this location was closed in 1950. There are 143 recorded burials at the Burton Pioneer Cemetery. The gravestones tell the familiar story of the death of juveniles at a time when measles, scarlet fever and gastroenteritis ravaged the country.

The first burial was that of George Diment, aged ten and a half years, in December 1866. Burials continued until 1957, after which there was a long gap until the last burial, that of Lydia Wright, aged 82 in April 1971. Salisbury's Strict Baptists congregation had a chapel on Bridge Street but had been denied an attached cemetery. With the assistance of the Helps family, from 1871 many of the local Strict Baptists were buried in the Burton Pioneer Cemetery.

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