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St Kilda Beach Hotel

History St Kilda 2

History of the St Kilda Beach Hotel

In December 1889 a man named Matthias Lucas was granted approval for a proposed 16 room hotel. John Harvey (the founder of Salisbury) laid the first foundation stone and the St Kilda Beach Hotel was completed around 1895. The hotel gained its license in 1898 and became a main focal point for the town. In the early days, South Australia had strict laws that prohibited after-hours drinking. However, due to its isolation, after-hours drinking at the St Kilda Beach Hotel was not uncommon. A lookout was even set up to watch for police troopers approaching the hotel by road. One night the lookout system failed as police approached the hotel from the water by boat. The police raid surprised several 'leading citizens' who were caught drinking at the establishment.

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