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St John’s Anglican Church

History St Johns Anglican Church 2

John Harvey transferred an acre of Section 2191 between Lots 82 and 85 over to the Bishop of Adelaide in November 1850.

The original St John's Church has an uncertain date. Inscribed above the door is the date 1846. This date is often contested, as the land was not given to the church until 1850. An article from the "Old Colonist" in 1851 also talks about a building intended for worship but was not finished. The original church was one of the first churches to be constructed in Salisbury. It served as a church until 1865, and also as a school from 1851 to 1877.

Due to the increasing size of the congregation, a new larger church was built, leaving the smaller building for other uses.

The new larger St John's Church was designed by the eminent Adelaide architect Daniel Garlick and built by a Mr Robinson using local stone. The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Short in August 1958. It was not until 11 May 1865 that St John's was opened for worship. The church contained several fine examples of Tiffany stained glass windows as well as several windows designed and manufactured in Adelaide. It was because of this, and the building's importance to the development and history of the area, it was heritage listed. The top of the bell turret reached 17.2 metres high and the chancel was added in 1896 giving it the overall length of over 23 metres. On 7 March 1989 the St John's Church was gutted by fire. Since then an auditorium has been built connecting the church and the church hall. The Gothic form of the old church remains. It has a gabled roof-form and features pointed windows.

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