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Salisbury Flour Mills

History Salisbury Flour Mills 1950

There were several flour mills in Salisbury over time.

Munno Para Roller Mills

In 1853 wheelwrights Charles Talbot and Edmond Mynott built the first flour mill in Salisbury. The mill was on the north side of the Little Para River close to the intersection of Salisbury Highway, Commercial Road and John Rice Avenue. It was later bought by Mr. W. Norman, Vercoe brothers and Norman and Company. Edwin Davey & Sons continued the business under the name of Munno Para Roller Mills which was destroyed by fire on 22 January 1915.

Heidenreich Flour Mills

Mr. F.T.P. Heidenreich who was an experienced miller, started up a mill in the two storey Fenden’s Store on the corner of Gawler Street and John Street near the railway. Fenden's Store started life as a wine storeroom in the 1860's for Francis Fenden who was a vineyard owner. It was bought by Franz Heidenreich in 1917 and converted into a flour mill. Heidenreich added further to the building in 1939. The mill was bought by Australia's largest flour and stock feed millers; Goodman, Fielder and Wattie in early 1988. The new owners retained the mill's family name and the mill continued to be managed by Heidenreich's son Theodore up until his retirement in late 1988. The mill closed operations in 1989 due to economic reasons and was later demolished in 1990.

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