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Winds of Change

Winds of Change is a public art heritage marker in recognition of the South Australian Meat Corporation abattoirs and stockyards.

Public Art Winds of Change 3

Title of Artwork: Winds of Change

Artist: Annalise Rees

Form: Sculpture

Commissioned by: City of Salisbury

Project Partners: Arts SA

Year of Completion: 2013


Winds of Change is a heritage marker in recognition of the SAMCOR abattoirs and stockyards. The abattoirs were home to the South Australian Meat Corporation (commonly referred to as the ‘Meat Works’) as well as stock agents for more than ninety years. At the peak of its activity the Meatworks was the largest individual government employer in South Australia.

The work reflects the physical character of the Abattoirs site and bears resonance with the atmosphere and the people who worked there. The work features a combination of representational and symbolic references pertaining to architectural vernacular, the butchery trade, livestock auctioning and geographical location. The nature of the original site and the methods and materials of its construction are integral to the overall aesthetic of the artwork.


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