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Meeting Place Mural

Public Art produced by Scott Rathman. The work represents a meeting place for people to gather, share stories, work, learn and connect.

Public Art Meeting Place Mural 1

Title of Artwork: Meeting Place

Location: James Lane, Salisbury

Artist: Scott Rathman

Form: Mural

Commissioned by: City of Salisbury - Create a Place Public Art Project

Year of Completion: 2019


This artwork was produced by Scott Rathman with support from the Salisbury Business Association. The work represents a meeting place for people to gather, share stories, work, learn, be entertained and collect the necessities of modern life. The centrepiece represents this moment in time and is surrounded by the many pathways taken to reach it.

Wall One:
The Salisbury City Centre is a focal point that people journey too, it is a place that people gather to share stories, to learn, to work, to be entertained and to collect the necessities of modern life. The iconography incorporated in the design represents the pathways travelled to this meeting place and represents the moments past and moments future with the centrepiece being this current moment in time.

The Little Para is represented as a reminder of the journey from the past to the present. It is a journey of growth built on the tears of Aboriginal people past that have watered the seeds down river for our existence here in this moment in time.

Yellow Wattle is a symbol of unity and resilience that we aspire to see represented amongst those who meet in this place. The gum leaves and gum nuts represent the cleansing and purifying of the collective energy of the community to nourish and thrive as a gathered people.

Wall Two:
Salisbury has developed into a diverse community, a gathering place for people from around the globe. The iconography in the design brings together moment’s past, present and future.

Salisbury is a place that has provided opportunities for people to settle and build an existence. The centrepiece of the design is this moment in time where people from all over the globe have gathered here in this place. The future challenges us to nurture, support and grow together in ways where we respect all citizens, where we promote opportunity, we work to eliminate all forms of discrimination, and we engage all people in decision-making that affect their lives, by truly valuing diversity.

Elements of iconography represented in the design are:

  • Opportunities
  • A journey between two places
  • People sitting together sharing and learning
  • A sunset to represent the promise of a new beginning
  • Nurturing supporting and growing together


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