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Music Moves Me Mural

Public Art Create a Place Music Corner Mural 03

Title of Artwork: Music Moves Me Mural

Artist: Ella Simpson

Form: Mural

Commissioned by: City of Salisbury - Create a Place - Public Art Project

Year of Completion: 2021

Rationale: A spectrum of colours was used within Salisbury’s Music Moves Me Mural in order to symbolise the emotions music makes us feel.

The wall, located on the side of local business Music Corner North at Wiltshire Street, was painted by artist Ella Simpson of Ink And Ruby Studios. “The inspiration for the piece comes from the movement in music, the colours connect to the emotions music makes us feel, the shapes how we interact with music in our lives,” Ella said of the work. “I also wanted to connect with the fact that the Music Corner business is the largest music school in SA, and offers an incredibly supportive environment for any type of musician.” The mural marked the largest landscape Ella had worked on to date and was completed as part of the City of Salisbury’s Create A Place program.


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