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Little Para Wildlife Mural

Located on the Carisbrooke Park toilet block, this mural represents flora and fauna species that inhabit the nearby Little Para River Corridor.

Public Art Little Para Wildlife Mural 3

Title of Artwork: Little Para Wildlife

Artists: Melita Scott & Keira Scott

Form: Mural

Commissioned by: City of Salisbury - Create a Place - Public Art Project

Year of Completion: 2022


The mural aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and its effect on our local wildlife. The flora and fauna in the artwork consist of species which inhabit the nearby Little Para River Corridor. Our mural recognises the conservation status of each of the species which are threatened, obscure, or beneficial to the ecology of the corridor.

We encourage onlookers to research and discover the importance of sustainability, and how their ecological impact plays an important role in sustaining the future of the Little Para River Corridor’s diverse wildlife.


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