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Springbank Boulevard Reserve Wetlands

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Carved into a peaceful nook of Burton is Springbank Boulevard Reserve, a park filled with wetland wildlife, gentle walking trails, expansive grassy areas and surrounded by beautifully kept homes.

Northern Section

To the north, you’ll find the entrance to Springbank Waters estate on Waterloo Corner Road. Join the paved pathways that skirt the lake and waterway to start on a walking trail that loops around the northern part of the reserve. For a relaxing pit stop, have a seat by the ornamental lake, which features 3 large fountains and is surrounded by generous grassy areas. A small playground sits beside the lake as an option for kids who may need a little more to interest them. Continue on the path to see the many ducks and other waterfowl around the wetlands that are often sunning around the native grasses. Lovely manicured homes sit at the edges of the park and provide a nice contrast to the wetland views. The entire walking loop is an easy 2.3kms or a 30-minute stroll and there are plenty of benches to sit to observe the birdlife along the way.

Southern Section

To the south, you’ll find the larger part of the recreated wetlands catchment alive with a variety of birdlife amongst a diverse range of native flora. Cormorants, egrets, maned ducks, moorhens, and pelicans are just some of the regular species of birds sighted here. However, this also connects to a generous recreational area on Springbank Boulevard if you’re after more traditional park facilities.

The recreational area features an undercover playground of ropes, bars, and mini rock-climb that ensures the kids will be well entertained, whilst an exercise station with a cross trainer, monkey bars, and rings will keep the more fitness inclined busy. There’s also a barbeque and covered picnic setting to lunch with friends and a large grassy area for everyone to enjoy. To do the southern walking trail, cross the bridge near the playground and Bridgeport Corner where gravel paths will take you around an easy loop of the wetlands. On this loop, you’ll be able to look out over the expanse of water and enjoy views of the various birdlife feeding and preening in and around a wide array of native trees and plants that carefully recreate the region’s natural conditions pre-settlement. The southern trail is a short 1.6kms or a 20-minute stroll. Together, the northern and southern trail is 3.1kms or a 45-minute stroll. All paved and gravel paths at the reserve are well maintained and suitable for bikes, wheelchairs, and strollers.

Opening Hours

Open 24 hours.


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