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Kiekebusch Road Reserve

Adjacent to Gulfview Heights Primary School, this open space also includes play equipment and shady trees.

Shaded Area
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Fantastic views of northern Adelaide, great hiking and mountain bike trails and beautiful native vegetation.

If you need a breath of fresh air, this is the place to come. Resting on a broad escarpment and right by Gulfview Heights Primary School, Kiekebusch Road Reserve boasts expansive areas of lovingly-restored recreational parkland with varied hiking trails, many suitable for dog walkers, challenging mountain biking routes and iconic views of Adelaide.

Behind the school, you can take a gentle walk around the boardwalk trail that connects to the northern part of the park through dappled sunlit native gum, wattle trees and other native plants. Over the last 20 years, these have been added to revegetate the area, which was once cleared for farming. Gulfview Heights students and volunteers have come together to plant all manner of shrubs, grasses, and other groundcover over the years that serve to recreate habitat for Adelaide’s wildlife. Continue on the path around the loop and look to the south to see views stretching over North Adelaide.

Along the trails and looking to the north, you will come across the sharply cut sides of the old neighbouring quarry that creates a long wall of rock along the eastern trail. Those up for a more challenging hike or bike ride can follow this trail all the way to Morrow Park with views of the quarry to one side and hillside homes rising up above parkland on the other.

At the top of the reserve, you’ll have views of Adelaide city to the South and Parafield Airport to the west where you’ll be able to see planes take off and land. This can be a particularly relaxing experience in the darker hours where the twinkling night lights give the views a magical quality.

If you need more, there’s plenty of tree cover and space on the reserve’s peak to sit and relax or run around. There’s also partially shaded playground equipment for the kids with swings, a slide, and monkey bars. Exercise equipment is available for those looking to stay strong, including dip bars, rings and cross-trainers.

Bring a friend, bring the family, have a picnic, or come with your leashed pet to explore and enjoy the sights and space of this large and breezy reserve.


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