Your new Discover Salisbury guide is out now!

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Your new Discover Salisbury guide is out now!

This week our first edition (Jan-Mar 2018) of Discover Salisbury hit the streets!

The publication is part of the ‘Discover Salisbury’ tourism and visitor campaign promoting our City’s hidden gems, unique attractions and growing events calendar. The ‘Discover Salisbury’ campaign was launched last month to showcase local attractions, upcoming events, recreational opportunities and more while assisting the local tourism sector to unlock its potential.  It has already seen a new website and social media channels introduced.

The guide will be printed three times a year with all future editions distributed inside the popular Salisbury Aware magazine, which hits letterboxes every April, August and at the end of November.

Download the Discover Salisbury guide or view below:


It’s time to Discover Salisbury.